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Make the Connection

Like many victims of domestic violence, Penny tried to leave her abuser, but he threatened to harm her loved ones — including her dog who was not welcome at the safehouse.

Luckily, we found a family to foster her beloved furry family member. Knowing he was safe, Penny was then able to connect with albeit limited available resources and rebuild her life.

Since, she has not only reunited with her furry best friend but become a voice for women, children and pets in similar circumstances. Recently, Penny testified before the state legislature as a volunteer and member of the MN Alliance for Family and Animal Safety. Welcome to our website.

Who is the Alliance?

Our alliance of human service and animal welfare agencies and experienced, compassionate individuals seeks to:

Educate and increase awareness of the important link between domestic violence, child abuse and animal abuse.

• Collaborate with pet rescues, foster homes, shelters and other organizations to house companion animals for those entering battered women's and children's shelters.


How you can help!

Abuse survivors call for pet protection -- for both the animals' welfare and their own.

Our first victory!

This May, Minnesota became one of a handful of states to include pets in orders for protection. MN AFAS worked hard for this legislative victory. In domestic violence situations, abusing pets is a way to control, intimidate and hurt other members of the family. Victims are often afraid to leave abusive situations because of concern for their pets or other animals. This law is a wonderful step forward for human and animal victims of domestic violence!

Nevertheless, when it comes to understanding and utilizing the connection between family and animal violence, Minnesota remains behind. Over 45 states have formalized programs or shelters to assist both battered families and their pets.

The Alliance aims to change that.


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