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What You Can Do

Anyone and everyone can help. In fact, by visiting this site and learning about the connection, you are already making a contribution — you are helping to shift our culture away from a false split or choice between helping the human or animal victims of domestic violence.

* Spread the word!
Copy and paste a link to our homepage in an email to friends and colleagues: http://www.mnafas.org, or send a video or article from our Understand the Connection page.

* Subscribe to our blog for action alerts!

* Donate!
We are a strong but young organization. Every contribution you make will help us develop and strengthen the ground-level connections between law enforcement, human service and animal welfare advocates.

At this point, we do not have the resources for online giving or credit card processing. Please send a check to:






ANyone can contribute. Healp spread the word, foster a pet, join the Alliance or attend a conference.

Special requests

Can you foster? <<guessing>>

Are you in Law Enforcement?

  • <<Will either need a page on each of these or to delete them...>>
  • Sign up for a conference!
  • Consider joining a coalition meeting.
  • Advocate for resources to respond to animal cruelty calls.
  • Call us to see if we know or can find out about veterinarians or others in your area who can help shelter pets for families wanting to flee violence.




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